Iyondo Mswima Forest Plantation

Iyondo Mswima Forest Plantation is located on part of the Mswima plateau in the Ileje District, Songwe region.

It is one of the new plantations established by the Tanzania Forest Service Agency (TFS) with a plantable area estimated to be 5,000 acres and the rest is covered by catchment forest.

The plantation headquarters are located in the Katengele area, three main routes may be used to reach the forest plantation.

The first route is from Tunduma through Mpemba – Ileje road, this route covers about 134 km. The road is accessible throughout the year. The second route is From Mbeya via Kiwira (famously known as KK) and Sange about 168 km. The last one is from Mbeya via Mbalizi to Shigamba about 122 km to the plantation, though this route is not accessible during the rainy season.

The core objective of this forest plantation is to ensure a sustainable supply of forest produces and management of the remaining natural forests. To achieve these forest management plans are prepared and used.

The forest plantation is less than five years old and planted with Pinus carribaea and Pinus patula.

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