Located in the northern part of Tanzania southwest of Ngorongoro Crater, the Hadzabe is a nomadic tribe in the Karatu district of Arusha. This tribe is known as one of the most indigenous communities globally.

Hadzabe are Considered the last hunter and gather society to exist in the 21st century. Their number is estimated to be 1300-1500 only that remained in the east and southwest of Lake Eyasi.

Tourists from around the globe come to Tanzania to see and experience one of the fascinating lifestyles of this unique tribe. Visits to the Hadzabe can be guaranteed; tourists get a chance to spend time and hunt with them in their daily activities.

One of the richest and most exciting histories of mankind can be traced to the Hadza. They remind us of the early man’s nomadic hunter and gather activities.

The Hadzabe social structures are communal with no chief systems and substantial obligations to share resources, mainly food and land. An adequate supply of fruits, roots and abundant games makes their lives nutritionally sufficient and sustainable.

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