Did you know Elephants’ Teeth determine their age?

Have you ever wondered how experts, such as zoologists and conservationists, can figure out the age of mammals, such as elephants? Well, it is not as complex as it sounds – even you (yes, you!) can estimate the age of the gentle giant.

The secret (well, not so much of a secret anymore) is the teeth! Yes, elephants’ age can be determined by their teeth. Researchers have figured out that through the condition of the teeth, you can tell the age, whether the elephant is in its adolescence rebel phase or its grumpy senior phase. Elephants go through a series of six sets of molars (yes, six!) in their lifetime, and as their teeth eventually wear out, it delivers a clear picture of their age. How is that for a fun fact!

Interesting, right? For more awesome facts, follow Tanzania Safari Channel’s social media platforms and watch the channel – you won’t regret it!

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