Introducing Cormorants

They are known for their ability to dive deeply underwater to hunt for fish, and they are skilled swimmers.

Like most aquatic birds, these birds are well-adapted to their aquatic environments.

They have long, streamlined bodies and webbed feet, which make them powerful swimmers and divers.

Cormorants have waterproof plumage, which helps to keep them warm and dry when they are in the water.

They also have special glands near their eyes that secrete an oily substance, which helps to keep their feathers waterproof.

This adaptation allows them to spend a long time underwater in pursuit of fish, which is their primary food source. Additionally, cormorants have sharp, hooked bills that are well-suited for catching and eating fish.

Cormorants are colonial nesters, with colonies holding up to 4,000 individuals. Many species also hunt together.

Cormorants live up to about 22-25 years in the wild.

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